Friday, April 6, 2012

IT 6th Sem DEC 2010 and Dec 2011 Papers ( On request )

IT 6th Sem DEC 2010 and Dec 2011 Papers ( On request )

--Rishabh ( ViscA el barCa )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Final Datesheet DEC 2010 EXAMS BEST OF LUCK ! :-)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

CSE paperZz !! MAY 2010

CSE 3rd SEM--->

DATA Structure DSPM (MAY 2010)


PROGRAMMING language (MAY 2010)

DCLD (MAY 2010)

WOTC (MAY 2010)

CSE 4th semester-->

CSE 5th semester-->

DBMS (MAY 2010)

Computer Graphics (MAY 2010)

CPI-->Computer Peripherals and
Interfaces (MAY 2010)

DAA-->Design and Analysis of
Algorithms (MAY 2010)

SAD-->System Analysis and Design(MAY 2010)

CSE 6th semester---->

ATM-->Asynchronous Transfer
Mode (MAY 2010)

IBS--> Introduction to Business
System(MAY 2010)

RDMS2-->Relational Database
Management System-II(MAY 2010)

RTS (MAY 2010)

Software Engineering (MAY 2010)

SE-CS332(MAY 2010)

7th semester and 8th semester-->

ENVSC-->Principles of Engineering
.Ecomonics &
Management Techniques(MAY 2010)

FLAT-->Formal Language &
Automata Theory (MAY 2010)

SLLP-->Symbolic Logic & Logic
Processing (MAY 2010)

1st nd 2nd sem MAY 2010 are here......Oder sems cumin SoOnn...!!


EME (MAY----2010)


FCPIT (MAY-->2010)

BEEE (MAY-->2010)


MATHS -2 (MAY-->2010)

MATHS-I (MAY----2010)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


                                        Mechanical Engineering...(B.Tech.)
3rd Sem...(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-201) Strength of materials-I Dec.2009
(ME-203) Theory of Machines Dec.2009

(ME-205) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Dec.2009
(ME-205) Machine of Drawing

(ME-207) Machine Drawing Dec.2009
(ME-207) Applied Thermodynamics-I

(ME-207) Applied Thermodynamics Dec.2009 
(ME-209) Manufacturing Process-I
(ME-207/209) Applied thermodynamics-I May-2008

4th Sem...(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-202/204) Strength of Matrial-II May-2008
(ME-206/208) Fluid Mechanics-I May-2008
(ME-208/210) Applied Thermodynamics May-2008

5th Sem...(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-301) Machine Design-I May-2008
(ME-303) Heat Transfer 
(ME-303) Heat Transfer May-2008

(ME-303) Heat Transfer Dec.2009
(ME-313) Heat transfer-Lab
(ME-305) Automobile Engineering Dec.2009
(ME-305) Automobile Engineering May-2008
(ME-315) Automobile Engineering- Lab
(ME-307) Mechanical Measurement and Petrology Dec.2009
(ME-317) Mechanical Measurement and Petrology- Lab
(ME-309) Numerical Methods in Engineering Dec.2009
(ME-309) numerical Methods in Engineering May-2008
(ME-319) Numerical Methods in Engineering- Lab
(ME-321) Computer Aided Drafting- Lab
(ME-251) Total Quality Management May-2008

6th and 7th Sem...(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-302) Machine Design-II Dec.2009
(ME-302) Machine Design-II May-2008
(ME-310) Machine Design-II Lab
(ME-304) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Dec. 2009
(ME-312) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
(ME-306) Fluid Machinery Dec. 2009
(ME-306) Fluid Machinery May-2008
(ME-314) Fluid Machinery- Lab
(PE-408) Industrial Automation and Robotics
(PE-414) Industrial Automation and Robotics- Lab
(CE-216) Environmental Science
( ME-251) Total Quality Management May-2008

8th Sem...(B.Tech.Mechanical)

(ME-402) Industrial Safety Environment
(ME-404) CAD/CAM Dec.2009
(ME-410) CAD/CAM -Lab
(ME-406) Operations Research Dec.2009
(ME-408) Mechanical Vibrations Dec.2009
(ME-412) Mechanical Vibrations -Lab
(DE/PE-2.1) Industrial Engg. May-2008
(DE/ME-1.3) Non conventional energy resource May-2008
(DE/ME-1.3) Human Resources management May-2008
DE/PE-2.1) industrial engineering May-2008

Open Elective
Department Elective-II

(ME-414) Project General Fitness Advisory meeting
(DE/ME-3.7) Theory of Plasticity
(DE/ME-3.8) Mechatronics